Monday, August 31, 2009

Looooonnngg Day!!!

I have had a very long day..Today was my official last day at my job as a dental hygienist!!! Yay!!! I was only working 1/2-1 day a week...but that was too much time away from my little guy!!! So, I decided to just leave my regular schedule and be available for "fill-in" when the other hygienists need to take off work. I am excited..even though I have really been a full time stay at home mom since my baby was born last summer, it still feels good to know that now I am really a full time stay at home mom...without another job..besides my scrapbook business, but that's not really work!!
Please keep spreading the word about my brand new blog and make sure to check out my website!! The link is in the top right of my blog! :)
I am going to go get some sleep while I have the chance! Goodnight! :)

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  1. Great blog am now following,looking forward to more posts!